'Bluelightgifts.org.uk' and '999gin' are very pleased to be able to offer another exclusive opportunity to purchase the amazing special limited edition award winning 'London Job Dry Gin' with the addition of their Gold Award winning Vodka for Christmas 2021. Available exclusively for those involved in protecting the UK in the fight against Terrorism.

Policing from the shadows in an ever changing uncertain world... a role that goes without acknowledgement or thanks - we wanted to let you all know that we continue to champion your efforts and appreciate everything you do. From the very bottom of our hearts....... Thank You.

Purchase of these exclusive bottles is only available through the link you have used to get here, please share it with all your colleagues, friends & family so you get the recognition you deserve.

Forget the socks, underwear and smellies, make Christmas 2021 one to remember with these fantastic gifts. We've even got the bottle to flash blue too!

We will only produce however many bottles are ordered before the cut off date of 5th December 2021. The quantity of orders will dictate the numbers of each spirit produced. The product will be distilled after this date and be available for dispatch soon after.


Postage is £5 for up to six bottles, and £10 for 12. if you require more please email for a quote before purchasing.

Be reassured, your privacy is our primary concern. We DO NOT share any of your personal information with any third party and will not store your details for any future purposes. 

999gin will be making a donation from the sale of each bottle to Bluelightgifts.org.uk. Please see www.bluelightgifts.org.uk for further details.